I have completed my Umbreon ears and tail. They are made simply with black and yellow faux fur, which I love working with even if it does get all over the house. I always have to remind myself to fold the fur away from my stitching so that it does not get caught up. That way when you turn it to the right side the fur lays flat against the surface its attached to. This works well when combining different colours of fur so that it looks like one length of fur.

WP_20150814_15_04_58_Pro WP_20150814_15_05_47_Pro WP_20150814_15_39_05_Pro WP_20150814_16_24_05_ProThe tail and the ears are basically the same shape but obviously different sizes. They were very easy to sew as a result. Other ears and tails I have done I have made curls with etc and I found it a little more difficult when it can to turning the fabric right side out after sewing, as the shape did not always turn out how I wanted. I had to be careful when I pushed the ear shape out as I have a tendency to be a little heavy handed and end up punching through the fabric and making a hole.

The ears I attached to a normal plastic hairband using hot glue and thread. I then covered the band itself with strips of black fur. I need to look for a different way to attach my ears as the way I do it at the moment is a little fiddly. I am always worried my ears will flop or come off.

The tail has a loop at the top which I will thread the dress belt through. I tested it and it seems to stay in place quite well. I need to extend the length of my belt however and put some darts in the back of the dress for it to fit better. Hopefully I will be able to show the finished results soon as I have many other outfits to make. Youngest wants to be a minion!