About The Monster Pit


Hey there! I’m Petronella, also known as Sulaco in internet circles.

I am a stay at home mummy with two small monsters, two jumpy dogs, and many mad chickens. Living in the forest, as I do, my family fits in quite well. I have always thought of myself as creative and have been making and writing for as long as I can remember. My creations, as you will see, can be slightly unusual. I adore sci-fi and have a soft spot for Stephen King and HP Lovecraft. This might explain the little mad creatures I like to make. I also love making cosplay outfits as a hobby and have found lots of help from cosplay bloggers in the past. I felt it was high time I put my ideas out there so others may be inspired. Perhaps I can even help future cosplayers.


I haven’t been cosplaying all that long but, I have always loved making costumes for my sons and myself when it came to any fancy dress event. My first introduction to it was through Blizzcon and its costume competition. The quality of the outfits is always astounding and it is always fun to watch. My first proper cosplay was Ellen Ripley from Alien. I attended Rezzed with my guild ‘Enigma’ and thought it was a good start seeing as it coincided with the release of Alien Isolation. It was a fairly simple affair with just an adjusted flight suit acquired from eBay, Alien crew patches, also from eBay, one of my husbands white shirts and a green t-shirt. Finishing off with white high top sneakers. I didn’t have curly black hair and so just tied mine back with an alien hair clip.

All in all it wasn’t a bad first try even if it was a little hot.

I have since been able to attend comic con in Birmingham, UK and have cosplayed whenever I can. I will post more on my efforts later as it may be of use to you to see how I put outfits together.

giest 051Little Curiosities

One of my other hobbies is making toys and generally anything that involves sewing. I am an avid gamer and some of my guildies requested rowsdowers from Wildstar. I kindly obliged them and was quite pleased how they turned out. I also created chompacabras and chuas. I loved it! I do like ‘ordinary’ plushes but I tend to collect the weird and unusual as well as make them. I have made various Cthulu plushies, whose mythos I find to have endless possibilities. My last little creature was a nice pink teddy bear with tentacles. I find the odd glorious.