Why is this little blog called the Monster Pit you may ask, and no it hasn’t got anything to do with Lady Gaga. Little monsters (apart from the name I call my children) are the things that I love to create.

Nearly two years ago now I was eagerly awaiting a game called Wildstar. I had just joined the Enigma Guild with the purpose of us playing the mmo together. That summer of 2013 I was a bit bored and so challenged my fellow guildies to name things I could make to keep me from going too insane. I had recently entered a competition to get a Wildstar Beta key. I made a small Aurin doll. Thus my guild said I should make a Rowsdower. The monster pit was born.

chompa 091

After that I began to look for lots of Wildstar related creatures to make. The game style itself lends itself really well to making a 3d plush from 2d. They may not be perfect but they are cute in a monstrous kind of way. I think the Chompacabra above is my favourite.

giest 051Most of the plushies I made with felt and fur fabric. I have since discovered minky fabric which is so soft and looks a little more professional I feel.