So I’ve been away, but back with some new cosplay work. My family and I went to the MCM Comic Con in Birmingham last November.
Due to a heart condition diagnosis, I was carted around in a wheelchair but was able to walk on stage, etc. I really had a different viewpoint of the convention this time, although, my husband did fling me about a little too fast on occasion.
I made my son’s outfits so spent the summer creating Gappy from JoJos Bizarre adventure and a sand person from Star Wars. My Husband decided to be Fidel Castro for some reason but he had enough green clothing and the beard to pull it off.
As for me, the Frog Lady from The Mandalorian was my chosen cosplay. She is such an adorable character I couldn’t resist.

My boys
Frog Lady!

Using Papier mache I was able to create Frog Ladys mask. Make the shape you want in tin foil, then cling film, then a layer of wet model clay (this does not dry out when covered) and finally cling film again so the papier mache does not stick to the clay, etc. With this as your base, you can add your mask details using papier-mache clay. Once everything is dried, remove all the insides and you have your lightweight Papier mache mask. For the first-timer, I think I did ok. Also, it was a lot of fun to make.

For any information on how to make papier mache do have a look at Jonni Goods’ site as she is a papier mache goddess.